Feb 3, 2008


Improvisational Workshop

hosted by Andrew Wilshusen

First Monday of every month

6212 N. Commercial Ave. Portland, Oregon

8:00-10:00 p.m.

Topic on February 4th: What are common clichés and habits in improvised music?

In our pursuit of creativity, it is important to expose common musical crutches and predictable musical choices. Although they needn't be eschewed entirely (as that itself is a cliché), they should be shunned insofar as they distract from creativity and creative potential.

(Please arrive early to allow time to set up and get acquainted, as in consideration of roommates and neighbors we must limit volume levels after 9 and finish promptly at 10.)

All instruments (unfortunately none provided, but I'd love to find an upright piano..) and levels of ability are encouraged to participate. My only requirement for all participants is to take the process of musical creation seriously. As with a game, music should be fun, but it is restrictive and frustrating if everybody is not in full participation. Please, no spoilsports.

Thanks again to all who have shown interest in having me host an improvisational workshop. This will be the first such gathering of this particular workshop, but will be my third attempt at leading a workshop aimed at exploring the possibilities of purely improvised music.

My Mission:

My purpose for this workshop is to provide an opportunity for musicians to work together to improve and expand their musical creativity. By "creative," I refer to the concept of attempting to reach beyond personal experience and understanding in order to explore with open mindedness that which is unfamiliar and unknown. Interacting in an unfamiliar context with unfamiliar but like-minded musicians promotes creativity by forcing each player out of their routine.

RSVP would be appreciated, so I can get an idea of how many people to expect. For further questions, contact me at
or liberatednsf@yahoo.com.

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