Sep 13, 2008

Surrealists Metanational

I found this notice on Portland Indymedia. *note: I am not endorsing this event, but simply reporting that it's happening. Whether or not I would find my interests and passions at such an event, I'm not sure. But aside from any other considerations, it may represent more local interest in surrealism after the recent dada/surrealist marathon on KBOO.

Surrealists Metanational
Saturdays at 6pm

What is the most radical form of existence? Question rationalism!
Meet with your fellow paradigm shifters to explore theory and practise of Surrealism, the history of DaDa, and ways to incorporate it into every day life. Saturday evenings will include fun chaotic influence from UBU, cabaret, IWW, the Surrealist Manifesto and activities include derive, cut-up collage, surrealist games (exquisite corpse,"knock on the door", dream resumes etc.) spoken word performance, guerilla street theater and film noir.

Location 12 NE 10th Ave
Phone Contact 503/236.2893
Sponsor Laughing Horse Books

all events are free, but donations to Laughing Horse, a volunteer-run, anti-corporate, independent collective, gladly accepted)

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